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Height of Spring

Marigold at the greenhouse at Dedrick's Farm Market
Marigold at the greenhouse at Dedrick's Farm Market

At Dedrick’s we always strive to have the best selection of plants available but for the next week—over the Memorial Day weekend—we have the largest inventory of flowers and bedding plants of the entire year! New stock is arriving several times a week so you’ll always find something new. From mixed hanging baskets in full flower with amazing combinations of colors and forms to potted specimens ready for you to plant into your own beds and pots, now is the time to come and stroll through the Dedrick's greenhouse and pergolas to find just what you need to celebrate Summer 2021!

Dark Crimson Fuchsia hanging basket in the greenouse
Dark Crimson Fucshia hanging basket in the greenouse

Yellow Gerber Daisy in the Greenhouse at Dedrick's, near Cortland and Ithaca New York
Yellow Gerber Daisy

Memorial Day weekend is a wonderful time to celebrate by planting with friends and family and we are open this Friday and Saturday, as usual we're closed on Sunday, but we are open on Memorial Day (Monday May 31st) until 4pm.


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