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A Little History

There are some people that walk into The Pantry at Dedrick's who remember when it was The Basket Shop. And while some may have suspected that the concrete "island" in front was a hint to it's earlier days, nobody has actually walked in that actually remember the building as it's first a gas station owned by Ed and Helen Little.

Recently we found some great photos taken in September of 1939 during the actual construction when Ed and Helen Little opened what was first a service station (when 6 gallons of gas would set you back $1.00), and eventually evolved into a television store and then The Basket Shop.

John Dedrick eventually purchased the land and the building from the Little's estate in (?), laying the foundation for Dedrick's Farm Market as it stands today.

The top two photos below simply have the date of Sept. 1939 on the reverse, but nothing to identify the people in the photos, and the photo at the bottom was not dated.


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