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Ginger- Tasty & Good for You!

People have been eating Ginger for thousands of years, both for adding a bit of zing to foods and to support health. Historically the list of health benefits—some of which have been proven to be effective—include relief from nausea, improved nutrient absorption and immune system support.

Ginger “root” is actually a rhizome with a brown outer layer, yellow center and has a spicy lemony scent and is from the same family as turmeric and cardamom.

Crystallized ginger starts out with peeled fresh ginger root which is then cooked in a simple syrup and then allowed to dry before a sprinkle of course sugar is added for a sweet finish.

You can find Crystallized Ginger and other great dried fruits on the shelves in The Pantry at Dedrick's!

For more details on the history and benefits of Ginger, click this link to a post by Natural Health Concepts.


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