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Gerber Daisies

Here’s a great idea for a thoughtful gift for the graduates in your life—Gerber Daisies! Throughout history, daisies have symbolized many things and Good Luck and New Beginnings are just a couple—and what graduate wouldn’t want beautiful blooms and Good Luck as they hit this cultural milestone!

Gerbera daisies require full sun to partial shade, but they do not like intense heat. They require regular watering but it doesn't mean you should over-water them. About 1 in. per week is enough. However, this might not be enough during the hot and dry spells, so keep a good eye on your plant. Gerbera daisies will keep growing and blooming best if you deadhead them regularly. Here's how: As soon as the flowers have faded and shriveled, cut the stalks back to where they meet the base of the plant


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